There's an "It Girl" on Every Corner

2014-12-17 01:09:41

It’s true what they say of the New York streets…there’s an “it girl” on every corner… waiting to be discovered, wanting to be seen! There she is now, decked out in the latest fall fashions and imbuing a certain attitude only found in New York. She turns the corner on Amsterdam and 72nd street in pursuit of the next great discovery to indulge in…and that is where we come in.

Last week we attended Shecky’s infamous girls night out in Manhattan where we shopped for all things decadent and glamorous. In true Indulge New York fashion we wanted to stay ahead of the trends to keep you all informed in the latest of all things New York. We strolled the crowded paths lined with hand-crafted jewelry, tailor made duds, sweet delights, and truly decadent skin care products. It was an oasis where luxury goods were the opiates of choice. 

We cultivated a collection of must-haves and must dos; from decadent dining, indulgent spa treatments, and the latest in fashion and culture so you can always be an “it girl” with Indulge New York. By all means, browse the pages of our site where you can find the latest to-do in NYC…indulge in an exclusive membership with us and open the key to a vast arsenal of premier perks! 

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